To gain this experience for more than 2.000 years

To gain this experience for more than 2.000 years, men and women, rich and poor went from Athens on a pilgrimage to the temple of Eleusis, where the `Great Mysteries` wer celebrated every autumn. In the `Telesterion` the giant hall of initiation, 3.000 initiants, called `neophyts` could have strong psycho-spirutual transformative experiences at the same time. In the meantime the chemical and pharmacological nature of the `Kykeon` got decoded. It`s secret was not based on Robert Ranke Grave`s and Terence McKenna`s `Psylocibe` mushrooms, but on the parasite mushroom growing on infected Rye (mother-corn) `Claviceps Purpurea` which the Hofmann-Ruck-Wasson theory had allready guessed to be the psychoactive ingredient.

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