The cultural meaning of these mysteries

The cultural meaning of these mysteries and it`s not enough ??? role in the civilisation of Europe becomes clear by different wellknown initiants. Platon, Aristoteles, Alkibiades, Epiktet, Pindar a.o. poets and thinkers of the antique praised their tranformative Eleusis-experiences in hymns. Homer writes: `blissfull is amoung the humans on earth, who has seen this. Who is not initiated in the holy mysteries, who has`nt seen this remains a dull , who did not participate in it, remains a dead in dull darkness.` And the roman statesman Cicero mentioned to Eleusis: `Not only have we received the reason there to live in joy, but also that we may die with better hope.` As Dr. Hofmann, Wasson & Ruck could proove, the `Kykeon`, a psychoactive `ambrosia` administered and served in the millions until the christian gothic king Alarich destroyed the temple of Eleusis 395 AD.

`At least the forbidden fruits were eaten and thereby the warm reason of life concealed. A grain of wheat eclipses the sun of Adam,
just as the dragons tail dulls the brightness of the moon.` Rumi Masnavi I Ma`navi

(dervish order of Mevlana)

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