In the light of this planetary plant intelligence

In the light of this planetary plant intelligence the words that Jesus said duringng the last supper have to be re-interpreted, when he spekas: II am the bread of life, this is the bread that came from heaven, so that whom eats of it, will never die…, whom eats of this bread will life for eternity.` The `Bread that you break with friends` ant which the son of god called his flesh, seemes to be – contrary to former assumtions not a pure symbolic – but embobified through a functional sacrament. The heavenly bread enabled his disciples to get close to the experience of `Unio Mytica` – myself and the creation are one. The bread of the middle ages, contaminated up to 70 % and containing certain amounts of `Ergot` lead to simular experiences for hundret thousand of ergotism-plague victims. In the mids the `mothercorn-epedemics, appearing in Russia, Scandinavia and Germany caused by ergot-infected flour and bread during the hunger periods of the 30-year old war the mystic Angelus Silenius writes this experience of singularity:

„The bread, the lord in us acts as the philosophers stone, it turnes us into gold, where we are melded. Then lead turns into gold, coincidence fades away, when I am unified with god by god.`
Angelus Silenius, mystic 1627-1677

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