The tradition of selfintoxication reaches far back

The tradition of selfintoxication reaches far back to the roots of human culture, as the magical copper kettle witch craft of the druids proove. In April 1943 a room opened up fo the western `civilisation`, which was known to socalled primitive cultures since thousands of years. With the invention of LSD-25 the modern man discovered that a particle of matter was able to change our conciousness fundamentally. Gottfried Benn termed this revelation, after his LSD trip with Albert Hofmann in his house on the Riggimatte` with the words: `God is a substance, a drug.` Who wonderes that the cartoon animation company Terry Toones, did let her cartoon character

`Mighty Mouse` experience hallucinations in his fight against the ergot three xeary before Dr. Hofmann discovered the psychoactive qualities in the 25th synthesis of his Lsyergis Acid Diethylamide. And that the character in Leo Peruz`s novel `St. Petri Schnee` (St. Peters Snow) extracts a psychoaktive, watery solution from the `Mothercorn` Ergot-Mushroom, allready five years before dr. Albert Hofmann should synthesize the LSD and ten years before LSD turned out to be so strongly psychoactive. These and othe facts indicate the question how far the `Ergot` Mushroom or better it`s in the human psyche psychoactive molecule is responsible for our occidental image of god and our religious believes.

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