2015 One of the largest drug busts in the history of the German republic. The ‘Leibzig’ police seizes 320 kilogram with a market value of 4,1 Million Euro in the child’s room of a 20-year old online-dealer living at his mother. His darknet-website “Shiny Flakes“ sold about 1000 kilograms of all sort of drugs within the last 1,5 years.*** The founder of the ‘Silk-Road‘, Ross Ulbricht, is sentenced to life-long jail, although two customers die ( heroin-overdose) after the US-government’s decision to keep the „Silk-Roads“ website-service running. *** Because a single father of three children handed a LSD trip to his babysitter (with whom he had an affair in 1999), which the (then) 13-year old girl ingested in a Munich bar, the formerly young man – (then 25) now 41 years of age – has to appear in front of a German court for giving drugs to minors. Her new boyfriend did inform the police. *** During the third international Conference for Psychedelic Consciousness, the ‘Breaking Convention‘ in London, the U.K.’s former drug adviser, Professor David Nutt , explains why the banning of LSD and magic mushrooms is one of the worst censorships in the world of medicine. *** Colorado celebrates the 35th Telluride Mushroom Festival *** Near Basel the Swiss Medical-Community for Psycholytic Therapy (SÄPT) meets to discuss consciousness-altering psychotherapy. *** The LSD-like derivative 1P-LSD appears on the internet. The UK-company offers this new LSD-like substance in their 24 hrs online shipment. *** The taking of magic mushrooms climbs within a year from 0,4 percent to 1,5 percent and Ecstasy from 3,4 percent to 5,4 percent, so that one out of 20 young adults have taken XTC within the last year, as a study in England and Wales reveals. The drug of the summer 2015 is LSD, while the dosage is generally lower than 100 microdots it’s usage amongst young people grew threefold within two years from 0,4 percent to 1,2 percent.

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