2016 Star Wars Animator Phil Tippett tells his anecdote: “I took LSD when I was working on ‚Return of the Jedi‘. I could communicate with my cat and it took me on a journey. I crawled into this cupboard with Brian the cat and we travelled to the centre of the Earth for like three billion years and I was just in this world of molecules. It was fine, it was very calming. I decided to go back to work – I was at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) – I walked into the blue screen stage and it’s huge – everything’s just super illuminated bright blue – and it was just like ‘Aaaah, I took like way too much.’’ *** Groundbreaking research. The Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, USA, finds Psilocybin’s ideal Dose for long-term positive effects. *** The drug reversed restricted thinking that develops between infantsy and adulthood, as in healthy test-patients separate parts of the brain began to speak with each other, after receiving 75 mcd of LSD. The brainscans of the LSD-study of the „Imperial College London“ make onvious why people on LSD express their childlike creativity and feel one with the universe. As now we realize the groundbreaking potential of LSD not only to treat mental illness, but to deepen our understanding of consciousness itself. former UK-drug adviser David Nutt calls these test results: „as meaningful to neuro-science as the Higgs boson was for particle physics:“ *** Micro-Dosing is the term for the growing trend to ingest small amounts of LSD (10 – 25 microdots) to increase creativity, reduce stress, and improve happiness. With being a trend at places like Silicon Valley LSD is not merely to be seen as a drug of the hippie-past, but as a drug of science and future technology.

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