(c) Pyromania Arts Foundation & Doors Of Perception Ethic Committee, Spring Equinox 2008

Was the Philosophers Stone the Ergot parasited crop?

Is the standing grain a symbol for the tree of knowledge?

Was the mother of corn known to the Sumerians and Sufis?

Was Jesus of Nazareth initiated into the ancient mysteries?

Was the bread that fell from heaven psychoactive?

What says Hermes Trismegistos to the Stone of Wisdom ?

Why did egypts god Osiris embodify the harvested crop?

What’s the effect & pharmacological nature of the gods

ambrosia – the ‚Kykeon‘ of the great Mysteries of Eleusis?

Are ergot epedemies the base of our religious worldview?

How did the CIA trigger the youth revolution in the 1960s?

Did Steve Jobs & Wozniak edevelop the first MAC under the influence of LSD?

Why does LSD support the shift to the relative reality?

Are the Hofmann lenses in „They live-we sleep“ & the red pill in „Matrix“ LSD?

Can LSD be usefull as a therapeutic & philosophical tool in todays global village?

How might LSD free itself from the classifikation as a common drug?

What’s the future of the former problem child LSD, which reveals itself as wonder child?