Plant-Sacraments as Technologies of the Holy

The `Philosophers Stone` – holy technology of the gnostic, the magical and psychotherapeutic tradition of the shamans, the templers and alchemists. An organic, sacred substance serving as a communication channel, which enables to re-connect and unify the human nervous system wíth the world soul of our motherplanet. Gateway to worlds beyond, where time & place flow into each other like virginsmilk & honeydew, all roads meet, lead turns into gold and sleeping human animals awaken into god.

Because the Great Ancient Mother (Lillith, Eve, Sophia, Core, Persephone) once broke a branch from the tree of life, its magickal fruit still exists up to the present day. The churchs dogma and the witchhunt had driven Adam`s paradise tree fruit, with it`s holeness and healing bringing impact, into the underground where it`s true identity has been disquised with uncountable names:

Dragon, snake cup, blossom of life, virgins milk, paradise water, gods teardrop, Ambrosia, drink or food of the gods, paradise apple, honeydew, Aqua Solvens, grail, Karfunkel stone, Hermaphrodit, Rebis, round body from the mids, drinkable gold or light (aurum), living source, water of wisdom, Aqua Coelestis, Queen of all honour, tincture, elixier, panacea, blood of the redeemer, holy child, bread and body of the lord, manna, Soma, Kykeon, St. Peters snow, mothercorn, LSD-25, Acid a.s.f.

As truely, if you will be touched by the spirit of creation and novelty, you will not continue to eat from the animal’s tree, that brings forth human animals – and you will not serve the values of materialism, the values of the ego and the values which destroy and poison our community any longer!

We, who deepened the illusion of seperateness, are now getting ready
to regain all that had seemed to be lost forever!

Transform yourself into a living philosophical stone!
Transmuten in Vivas Lapides Philosophicus!