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Erowid - Online Library on LSD 
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LSD - the sacred technology 
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Multiple Association for 
Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Peter Stafford and other researchers

Peter Webster - The Eleusinian mysteries

LSD & other plants & chemicals

Research Wisdom Art Forum

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

LSD within science

Council of Spiritual Practise

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Street Drug Lab Tests (ecstasy)

Virtual Enzyclopedia of Drug Synthesis

Blotter Art by Mark McCloud

Blotter Art by 
Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters

Lord Nose
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Sound Photosynthesis
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Andrew Scanders 
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Rosetta Folios & Books 
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Of the Jungle 
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Flashback - film by Danny Gomez

Justus Friederich Carl Hecker –
The black death and dancing mania

The Origins of Religion as Reference to Sacred Mushrooms

Entheogenesis Australis

Lycaeum - Mind expanding adress list

Psychoactive Substances in Prehistoric Times:
Examining the Archaeological Evidence - Elisa Guerra-Doce