compiled by Boris Hießerer (Pyromania Arts Foundation & Doors Of Perception Ethic Committee)


1933: St. Petri Schnee - english "St. Peters snow" (Leo Peruz)**
1954: The Doors of Perception (Aldous Huxley)*
1956: Heaven and Hell (Aldous Huxley)*
1956: A Drug Taker's Notes (R. H. Ward)
1956: Round Table Proceedings on LSD (& Mescaline) in Experimental Psychiatry (ed. L. Cholden)
1956: Neuropharmacology (1955 conference, ed. Harold Abramson)
1957: L'Infini turbulent [Infinite Turbulence] (Henri Michaux; eng. ed. 1975)
1958: Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of LSD-25 (Duncan Blewett & Nick Chwelos)
1958: Annotated Bibliography of Delysid (LSD-25) (Sandoz Co.)
1960: The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy (Conference 1959, ed. H. Abramson)
1961: Exploring Inner Space (Jane Dunlap = Adelle Davis)
1962: The Joyous Cosmology (Alan Watts)1962: Island (Huxley)
1962: Myself and I (Constance A. Newland = Thelma Moss)
1962: Eiland (Aldous Huxley)
1962: Hallucinogenic Drugs & their Apllication to ESP (Bernard Copley)
1962: The Discovery of Love (Malden G. Bishop)
1962: Long-Lasting Effects of LSD on Certain Attitudes in Normals (William McGlothlin)
1962: Fahrten in den Weltraum der Seele (Travells in the Souls Universe) (Gelbke; engl. 1981)
1963: LSD: The Age of Mind (Bernard Roseman)
1963: The Beyond Within (Sidney Cohen)
1964: The Psychedelic Experience (Timothy Leary, Richard Metzner, Richard Alpert)
1964: LSD: The Consciousness-Expanding Drug (ed. David Solomon)
1964: Utopiates (ed. Richard Blum)
1965: LSD-Astronauts (Phillip K. Dick, novel)
1965: The Psychedelic Reader (ed. Gunther Weil, Ralf Metzner & Tim Leary)
1965: Psychedelic-40 (Louis Charbonneau)
1965: The three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (Philip K. Dick)
1966: Psychedelic Prayers (Timothy Leary)
1966: The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience (Robert Masters & Jean Houston)
1966: LSD (Richard Alpert & Sidney Cohen)
1966: Burning Joy (George Andrews)
1967: LSD, Man & Society (ed. DeBold & Leaf)
1967: The Hallucinogens (Abram Hoffer & Humphry Osmond)
1967: The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy & Alcoholism (1965 conference, ed. Abramson)
1967: LSD: The Problem Solving Psychedelic (Peter Stafford & Bonnie Golightly)
1967: The Sexual Paradise of LSD (Marcia Alexander)
1967: The Human Biocomputer - Theory & Experiments (John C. Lilly)
1967: LSD (Alpert & Cohen)
1967: The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy (H. A. Abrahamson, Ed.)
1968: The Beyond within (S. Cohen)
1968: The Politics of Ecstasy (Timothy Leary)
1968: High Priest (Timothy Leary)
1968: The Ecstatic Adventure (ed. Ralph Metzner)
1968: This Timeless Moment (Laura Huxley)
1968: Psychedelic Art (Masters & Houston)
1968: LSD Psychotherapy (W. W. Caldwell)
1968: The Psychedelic Guide to the Preparation of the Eucharist (ed. Robert Brown)
1968: The days of the St. Antonius's Fire (John C. Fuller) **
1968: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (Tom Wolfe)
1968: Phanerothyme (Lisa Bieberman)
1968: The Private Sea: LSD & the Search for God (William Braden)
1969: Altered States of Conciousness (Charles T. Tart)***
1969: Chemical Ecstasy (Walter Houston Clark)
1969: Frontiers of Being (Blewett)
1969: Acid Temple Ball ("Mary Sativa"=Sharon Rudahl)
1969: Psychedelics & Inner Space (Ethel Edwards)
1970: Psychedelics (ed. Bernard Aaronson & Humphry Osmond)
1970: Poetic Vision & the Psychedelic Experience (R. A. Durr)
1970: Alice in Acidland (Thomas Fensch)
1970: Be not Content (William J. Graddock)
1970: Annäherungen (Aproaches) (Ernst Jünger)
1970: Psychedelic Baby reaches Puberty (Peter Stafford)
1970: Hallucinogenic Drugs in the Treatment of Alcoholism (L.A. Faillace, Comprehensive Psychiatry 11)
1971: The Boo Hoo Bible (Art Kleps)
1971: Be Here Now (Richard Alpert & Ram Dass)
1971: The Psychedelic Experience (W. David Watts)
1967: Psychedelic Baby Reaching Puberty (Peter Stafford)
1972: LSD: Personality and Experience (Harriet Barr & Robert Langs)
1972: Lieutenant LSD ("Lan Creston" = Alan Kaplan)
1972: The Psychedelic Teacher (Ignacio Gotz)
1972: The Center of the Cyclone (John C. Lily)
1973: The Man Who Turned On the World (Michael Hollingshead)
1973: The Psychedelic guide to the Eucharist ((Robert E. Brown)
1973: The Botany & Chemistry of Hallucinogens (Richard E. Schultes & Albert Hofmann)
1973: Psychedelic Chemistry (Michael Starks)
1974: Development of the Psychedelic Individual (John Gowan)
1975: LSD: A Total Study (ed. Siva Sankar)
1975: Millbrook (Art Kleps)
1976: Realms of the Human Unconscious (Stanislaw Grof)
1976: The Center Of The Cyclon (John C. Lilly)
1977: Moksha (A. Huxley; ed. Michael Horrowitz & Cynthia Palmer)
1977: The Psychedelics Encyclopedia (Peter Stafford)
1977: The Human Encounter with Death (Grof & Joan Hallifax)
1977: Psychedelic Anthropology (Alan Coult)
1978: The Road to Eleusis (R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Carl Ruck)
1979: LSD mein Sorgenkind (Albert Hofmann, 1. engl. ed. 1980)
1979: Psychedelics Revisited (Lester Grin Spoon & James Bakalar)
1979: The search for the Manchurian Candidate (John Marks)
1979: Cosmic Trigger (Robert Anton Wilson, Pop-Roman)
1980: LSD Psychotherapy (Stanislaw Grof)
1980: Amazing Dope Tails & Haight Street Flashbacks (Steven Gaskin)
1982: Shaman Woman, Mainline Lady (Cynthia Palmer & Michael Horowitz)
1983: Psychedelic Reflections (Lester Grin Spoon & James Bakalar)
1983: Flashbacks (Timothy Leary)
1984: The Brotherhood of Eternal Love (Steward Tandler & David May)
1985: Acid Dreams (Martin Lee & Bruce Schlain)
1986: Acid Beat: a Psychedelic Glossary (Scott Britzell)
1986: Insights - Outsights (Albert Hofmann) (engl. ed.)
1987: Storming Heaven - LSD & the american dream (Jay Stevens)
1987: Info-Psychology (Timothy Leary)
1988: Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary (Michael Horowitz, Karen Walls & Billy Smith)
1989: Rapid Eye (Simon Dwyer, ed., R.E. Publishing Ltd., UK)
1990: Biochemistry (Mathews & Van Holde, Oregan State University
1990: Dictionary of Religions, part 1: from stone age to the Eleusian Mysteries (Mircea Eliade)
1990: The Further Inquiry (Ken Kesey)
1990: The Sacred Mirrors (Alex Grey) ****
1991: PIHKAL - Psychedelics I Have Known and Loved (Ann & Alexander Shulgin)
1991: True Hallucinations (Terence McKenna)
1991: KA-TZETNIK 135633 (Shivitti)
1992: Food of the Gods  - the search for the original tree of knowledge (Terence McKenna)
1992: Murder, Magic and Medicine (John Mann)
1993: Silver Threads - 25 Years Parapsychology (Kane, Millay & Brown, Praeger Publishers)
1993: E for Ecstasy (Nicholas Saunders)
1994: The Seduction Of Madness - therapeutic ways out of entranced worlds (Edward M. Podvoll)
1994: 50 Years Of LSD: Status & Perspectives of hallucinogens (A. Pletscher, T. Francis ed.)
1994: Strange Fruit, Alchemy & Religion - The Hidden Truth (Clark Heinrich)
1995: Highpriest (Timothy Leary) (1968, Howard Hallis new ed. )
1995: Cyberia (Douglas Rushkoff)
1997: Practical LSD Manufacture (Uncle Fester, Loompanics Unlimited)
1997: The Secret Chief - Conversations with a Pioneer of the Underground Psychedelic Therapy Movement
(Stan. Grof, ed. Myron J. Stolaroff)
1998: ABC Book - A Drug Primer (Steven Cerlio)
1999: Techgnosis - myth, magic and mysticism in the age of information (Erik Davis)
1999: A Little Book Of Acid (Cam Cloud, Blotter Art)
2000: The Mystery of Manna - The Psychedelic Sacrament of the Bible (Dan Merkur)
2001: Transfigurations (Alex Grey, USA) ****
2001: Converted on LSD Trip (David Clarke, USA)
2001: Plants Of The Gods (Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes)
2001: Summer of Love: the inside story of LSD, free love & Rock `n Roll (Joel Selvin)
2002: Zig Zag Zen, Buddhism & Psychedelics, (Alan H. Badinger & Alex Grey, Blotter Art)
2003: Unsichtbare Ketten (Hans Ulrich Gresch) e-book - free online download ! *****
2004: Rational Mysticism (John Horgan)
2004: Book of the Rising Fun - My Secret Life (Eric Burton, J. Marschall Craig)
2004: LSD, Spirituality and the Creative Process (Oscar Janinger, Marlene Dobkin de Rios)
2006: Occulture Club (Erik Davis)
2006: Psychedelic Index (Alexander Sasha Shulgin)
2007: The Black Death and the Dancing Mania (Justus Friederich Karl Hecker) ***** e-book !
2007: Elephants on Acid (Alex Boese)
2011: The Mushroom in Christian Art (Prof. John Rush)
2013: Owsley and Me - My LSD Family (Rhoney Gissen Stanley & Tom Davis)
* listed, because these two works on meskalin are seen as the most important books in the psychedelic Aera
** about ergot, the mother of LSD

*** listed, as Tarts book is seen as one of the most important publications on altered states of conciousnes

**** listed, as Alex Grey`s studies and his paintings have been strongly influenced by his LSD experiences

***** free download at +


1963: Drugs and Mysticism (W. Pahnke`s Harvard Dissertation)
1963: Mescaline, LSD, Psilocybin and personality change (M. Sanford Unger, Psychiatry 26)
1963: "Drugs and the Mind" special issue contains Leary & Alperts' manifesto,
"The Politics of Consciousness Expansion," along with contributions by Wasson and Schultes.Harvard Review)
1964-1971: The Psychedelic Review (Cambridge, Millbrook, New York, San Francisco)
1964-1968: PIC (Psychedelic Information Center) newsletter
1965: Patterns of Hallucinogenic Drug Abuse (A. Ludwig, American Medical Association Journal)
1965: D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: its present Status (Hoffer, Clinical Pharmacological Therapy 6)
1966: Utopiates - The Use and Users of LSD-25 (R. Blum a. o.)
1966: The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience (R. E. L. Masters)
1966-67: The San Francisco Oracle - Haight Ashbury (Alan Cohen, re-edited Regent press, USA 1993)
1966-67 Inner Space (New York)
1967: Journal of Psychoactive Drugs
1967: Psychedelic therapy utilizing LSD in the treatment of alcoholic Patients, American Journal of Psychiatry 123)
1970: A Clinical Examination of Chronic LSD Use in the Community (Comprehensive Psychiatry 11, St. Barron)
1970: Psychedelics - The Uses & Implications of Hallucinogenic Drugs, ed. Humphry Osmond & B. Aaronson (USA)
1970: Toward a rational approach to Psychedelics (A. A. Weech, Comprehensive Psychiatry 11)
1978: Unanswered Questions from Huxley`s Experiments (Psychedelic Education Center, USA)
1978-80: Blotter - Bootleg Magazine (Santa Cruz, CA)
1979: The Journey toward the Self - Psychotherapy with Healing Drugs (Claudio Naranjo)
1984: Mondo 2000 (R.U Sirius, ed. FunCity MegaMedia, POB 10171, Berkeley, CA 94709 USA)
1985: Journal of Psychoactive Drugs - LSD in Retrospect (ed. Zerkin & Novey)
1985: LSD and Ethics - an essay (Walter Houston Clark)
1986: Evolution Magazine Vol 13+14 (Fraser Clark, James Hamilton & George Firesoff, London UK)
1986: Psychedelic Monographs & Essays (POB 4465 Boynton Beach FL 33424)
1986: Encyclopaedia Psychedelics (POB 833 London NW6, UK)
1987: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (New Musical Express, Issue Mai, page 29, UK)
1988: Psychedelic Heroines, Enzyclopaedia Psychedelica no.8+9  (A-K)+(L-Z) (Evolution Crew, London UK)
1988: BOING-BOING (11288 Ventura Blvd. #818 Studio City, CA 91604)
1989: A. Hofmann Foundation Newsletter (291s La Cienega Ave#615, Beverly Hills CA 90211)
1989: Rapid Eye: Mescalin, Mysticism & a Journey Out Of Time by Christopher Mayhew, UK)
1990: MAPS Newsletter (1801 Tippah Ave., Charlotte NC 28205)
1991: Intergration (Eschenau 29, 8729 Knetzgau, Germany)
1992: Psychedelic Illuminations (POB 3186, Fullerton CA 92634)
1992: Barlow on Acid, John Perry Barlow - De New Breed, Timothy Leary (Ego 2000 Magazine, NL)
1992: Acid Biker (J. Bland, Wilbur Hot Springs, Star Rt., Williams CA 95987)
1993: LSD - 50 Years & Beyond - Supplement April 16th-17th (Island Group & Millbrook West)
1993: Island Views (Island Group, 1803 Mission Street #175, Santa Cruz, CA 95060)
1992: Entheogen Review (POB 778 El Rito NM 87530) Antiquarian Booksellers & Resources
1993: Reactor Magazine - Bicycle Day (D. Prince, 858 W. Armitage, #208, Chicago, IL 60614)
1993: Lysergic High Times (Gaia Media, POB 333, CH 4003 Basel, Switzerland)
1993: 50 Candles for LSD`s Jubilee - Peter Stafford, CA)
1993: Open Letter to the Psychedelic Community from an LSD Prisoner (Neil Hassall, USA)
1994: Albert Hofmann - Rave New World 4 (Pyromania Arts, POB 120503, 69067 Heidelberg, GER)
1996: How I became a Cybernaut (Bruce Eisner, Island Group, USA)
1997: Dossier Entheogenos Habla Hofmann - Canamo Magazin (Joaquim Tarinas, Spain)
1998: Psychoactivity Report - Zavtone Magazine (, Japan)
1999: Albert Hofmann - Rave New World 8 (Pyromania Arts, POB 120503, 69067 Heidelberg, GER)
2000: Cleansing the doors of Perception - The Religious Significance of Entheogenic Plants & Chemicals
(Smith & Huston, USA)
2001: Converted on LSD Trip (David Clark, Harrods Of Abshott Publications, GB)
2001: Welcome to the K-Hole (Erik Davis, Village Voice, New York USA)
2001: Psychoactive Sacramentals. Essays on Entheogens and Religion, ed. Thomas B. Roberts (USA)
2005: Psychedelic Medicine: Mind bending, health giving (John Horgan
2006: Mushroom Magazine - 100 Years of Albert Hofmann (


1942: Mighty Mouse  vs. the Ergot (Izzy Klein, Terrytoon, USA)
1948: Alice in Wonderland (Dallas Bower, USA) *
1967: The Trip - a big thrill in a little pill (Roger Corman, USA)
1968*: Alice in Acidland (John Donne, USA)
1968*: 2001 - Odyssee in Space (Stanley Kubrik, UK, USA)
1968: The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Music-Comic-Film (George Dunning, UK)
1967: The Trip - a big thrill in a little pill (Jack Nicholson, USA)
1969: Easy Rider - with Peter Fonda (Dennis Hopper, USA)
1970: Woodstock - Musik-Festival Documentation (Bob Maurice, USA)
1975: Tommy - Rock-Opera mit Soundtrack von The Who (Ken Russel, USA) **
1975: One flew over the cockoo`s nest (Milos Forman, USA) ***
1979: Hair - Film Musical (Milos Forman, USA) **
1980: Altered States (Ken Russel, USA) ***
1986: The Beyond Within - The Rise & Fall of LSD  (BBC, UK)
1987: It was Twenty Years Ago Today (John Sheppard, Granada TV, UK)
1988: They Live (we sleep) - (John Carpenter, USA) ****
1988 - 2007: The Simpsons (Matt Groening, USA) *****
1990: Flashing on the Sixties - a tribal document (Lisa Law, USA)
1991: The Doors (Oliver Stone, USA)
1993: The Psychedelic Summit - 50 Years of LSD & Beyond (Psychedelic Illuminations, USA)
1996: Trainspotting (Danny Boyle, UK)
1998: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (Terry Gilliam)
1999-2003: Matrix Trilogie - Reloaded, Revolutions (Andy & Larry Wachowski, USA) ******
1999: The Jacobs Ladder (Adrian Lyne, Bruce Joel Rubin, USA) *******
2000: One Big Trip - Roadmovie (USA)
2002: Gambling, Gods & LSD (Peter Mettler, CA, CH)
2002: Liquid Crystal Vision (Bily Rood & Torsten Klimmer, USA, BRD)
2002: Hofmanns Potion (Connie Littlefield, CANADA)
2002: Code Name Artichoke - secret experiments on humans by the CIA (State TV Film, GER)
2003: The Net - the unabomber, LSD and the internet (Lutz Dammbeck, BRD)
2004: Blueberry (Jan Kounen, USA) ********
2004: Cary Grant - Movies Gentleman (Documentation, USA)
2005: LSD - Science and Experience (Ralf Metzner & Ram Dass, USA)
2010: Human Resources - Social Engineering in the 20th Century (Scott Noble, USA)
2012: The Substance - Albert Hofmann's LSD (Martin Witz, Swisse)
2013: Psychedelia (Pat Murphy, USA)
* Alice in Wonderland and * 2001-Odyssee in Space were the the two favorite drug films for LSD users in the sixties** Tommy & Hair gelten als die bevorzugten Filme unter Acid-Heads der 70er Jahre*** Kesey film inspired by LSD experience & Russels Film descibes John C. Lilly’s dconciousness-research (LSD & samahdi tank)**** In Carpenter’s film sunglasses from illegal underground laboratories called „Hofmann lenses“ are used to wake up sleeping humanity.***** the Simpsons listed because of their innumerable (illegal) drug preferences****** the Wachowski brothers trilogie (red or blue pill) features links to Alice in Wonderland & paralles to the (psychedelic) LSD experience

******* listed as the Ladder is a codename for the hallucinogenic drug BZ, tested by the „Chemical Warfare Division“ in Saigon, Vietnam

******** Kounen`s Film Blueberry presents the most advanced, visual expressions of the hallucinogenic visions one can observe on Mescalin (or LSD)


1966: LSD Documentary Record (Alan Livingston & Lawrence Schiller, Capitol Records, USA)
1986: Tune in, turn on the Acid House (*music vinyl, G. P. Orridge & Psychick TV, Temple Records, UK)
1988: Tekno Acid Beat - Pure Acid DJ Mix`s (*music Vinyl, Psychick Television, Temple Records, UK)
1990: Flashing Back on the sixties - a tribal document by Lisa Law (Flashback Productions LTD, USA)
1991: The Bridge Conference Documentary - Psychedelics in the 1990's (M.A.P.S., USA)
1992: You can be anything this time around - Timothy Leary (*music -CD, UFO Records, UK)
1992: Die Eleusinischen Mysterien - Albert Hofmann (AV Recording Service Hrsg., GER)
1993: 50th Anniversary Of LSD (*music vinyl limited, Source Records & Pyromania Arts, GER)
1993: 50 Years Of Sunshine (*music - 2 CD-Set, Silent Records, CA)
1993: The Psychedelic Summit - 50 Years of LSD & Beyond (Island Group & MAPS, the MediaShaman, Ger)
1993: Acid Test - Hommage a` Albert (music CD, Simon & Leutner, Berlin, GER)
1994: An der tieferen Wirklichkeit gesunden - A. Hofmann Vortrag (Ed., B. Eden, Pyromania Arts, GER)
1994: Exhile & Exhileration - Genesis P. Orridge (Pharmacon Conference, Transmissions, USA)
1995: Ambient Temple Of Imagination- Eleusinia, (*music vinyl, Richard Sun, ATOI, USA)
1996: True Frequencies - Pyromania Arts , Thom Kubli & B.-Eden 123 (*Musik-CD, Source Records, GER)
1996: LSD ganz persˆnlich - Albert Hofmann (AV Recording Service Hrsg., GER)
1997: Meditation & sinnliche Wahrnehmung - A. Hofmann (AV Recording Service Hrsg., GER)
1998: George Clinton & the Mothership Connection - Parliament Funkadelic (DVD, Gravity Unlimited, USA)
1998: Der Alchemistische Kongre_ - a cybertribe logfile (ed. B.-Eden, Pyromania Arts Foundation, GER)
1998: Psychic TV - origin of the species (*Musik-CD, Invisible Records Chicago, USA)
1999: Mindworx 97-99 - Moksha (Paul & Thorn Hoeth, BTM music, magic, media, GER)
1999: Getting High - the History of LSD, Video-CD, ed. Justin Kendall (History Channel, USA)
1999: Are you Shpongled? - Shpongle (*Musik-CD, Twisted Records, UK)
2004: Peter Webster, `The first supper- Eden where & when?`.(*DVD ed. P. Webster,
2005: The MediaShaman - zu A. Hofmanns 100. Geburtstag (*music 5CD set, B. Hiesserer ed., GER, UK)
2006: The Spirit Of Basel, 100 Jahre A. Hofmann (Medienexperimente, Luc Sala ed., NL, GER)
2006: MedienSchamanismus - conciousness research hearBook (*music & lecture DVD, D.O.P.E.C., GER)
2006: Project Eleusis - The Bible Of Psychedelics (Dropout Production trance Audio compilation, CH)
2007: Tim Learys SF`s Show live at `The Stone` DVD (Sound Photo Synthesis, Faustin, USA)
2008: LSD, or the discription of the undiscribable (South West Radio 2, Germany)
2008: Lecture recordings by A. Hofman, Stan Grof, Alex Grey, M. Horowitz, Cynthia Palmer, W. D. Storl,
Ralph Metzner, M. Bröckers, Nana Nauwald, Ch. Rätsch, Dennis McKenna, Kath Harrison, Rick Doblins, Mountain Girl a.m.o.
(DVD/CD, Auditorium Network, GER)
2008: Reports on the death of Dr. Albert Hofmann (ARD Television News, 3 Sat, Europen News & Radio Stations)
2008: The Philosophers Stone - 100 Years Dr. Albert Hofmann (D.O.P.E.C & Lightriders, GER)

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