And yet, the most holy should have survived.

And yet, the most holy should have survived. treated as a treasure shrouded in mystery it returned back to Europe, along with the Templers and knights of the big crusade. So apart from the `Resurrection Rose of Jericho` and the cult of the `Great Goddess` the story of a godly meal, the `life giving Grail` or `Philosophical Stone` spread across Europe. Here the most important astrologers and alchemists Agrippa von Nettesheim, Galileo Galilei, Nicolas Flamel & Nikolaus Kopernikus maintain to know about the future and would posess the `Philosophers Stone` and the `Elixier of life`. Manyfold where the searchers who tryd to destill the `eternal live giving lifes elixier` from the philosophical stone and to read within the `Akasha`; the book of life. In the mids of hsis posessive transformation of metalls, the Basel doctor and medicus Paracelsus pushed foreward the enterprise of pharmacy. And John Dee, adviser of the queen Elisabeth of England has held daemonic rituals, toxified himself and called on the forces of angels. In their search for the worlds code, these archaic scientists paved the way into our modern global telecommunication technology.

„Repeatedly alchemists have said that the stone was a physical experience and that he would be physical as well as spiritual, what seems to be a well discription of an entheogenic substance.`
(Clark Heinrich, 1998)

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