During the past ages man had discovered the healing

During the past ages man had discovered the healing and destroying forces of the plant kingdom on his long path into humanity. The retired Swisse chemist and natural philosopher Dr. Albert Hofmann, repeatetly said also: `The plant is the base for the religious experience of man.` As indigenous people our ancesters knew about the secrets of the `Philosophers Stone`, who as an organic, sacred substance, was able to open up a communication channel for real time transmission between the human soul and the worldsoul of the mothership planet earth. The shamanic, magical, gnostic & psychotherapeutical tradition of the templers and alchemists knew how to use the `water beaten out of the stone`wisely. As a life elixier ist embodlfied the secret of a holy technology of selftransformation, during wich time & place flow into each other like virginsmilk & honeydew, all roads meet, lead turns into gold and sleeping human animals awake into god.

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