2006 Dr. Albert Hofmanns 100th birthday is celebrated with the`LSD – the spirit of Basel` Symposium . researchers and friends of the worldwide psychedelic consciousness research movement, fFrom over 37 countries, gather in Swisse. *** The molecular tuning of LSD. Based on Hans Cousto`s `Cosmic Octave`, the data measured in the infrared-specter of the LSD molecule can be octaved to the range of the human ear. Based on this groundwork the `Akasha-Project` developed a compositional principle of direct transmodulation of molecular vibrations (MDMA, THC & LSD) in hearable Sounds.*** Globalizing `MediaShamanism` – Boris Hiesserer presents Drs. Hofmann, Leary, McKenna a.o. international researchers on a HearBook-DVD.

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