1996 The 2’nd international ECBS-convention `Worlds Of Conciousness` in Heidelberg. *** Albert Hofmann signs the `Heidelberger Deklaration`, a `no-jail-for-drug-users`-campaign by Werner Pieper`s publishing company `MedieneXperimente`. *** Alex Grey publishes his first book `The Sacred Mirrors` including many artworks (and `Transfigurations` in 2001) that are created under the influence of LSD (and other mind expanding molecules). *** Pyromania Arts Foundation publishes the CDROM/CD compilation entitled `Der Alchemistische Kongress – a Cybertribe Logfile` with works of 300 shaman, scientists, cutting-edge artists, philosophers and musicians. Many of them tour European clubs & open-air trance parties – propagating LSD as a necessary cultural enzyme, to prepare the human mind for the global village.

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