1970 After receiving a request from the US-department of health to tell an anti drug campagne story with the superhero Spiderman, DC Marvel Comic Begr√ľnder Stan Lee released his version of the „LSD makes you believe you can fly“-myth, which was born 1953 in New York, when the CIA drugged biological warfare specialist Frank Olson with LSD and killed him by throwing him through his closed hotel room window *** The Comics Code Association retracts the passage on forbidden exposure of illegal drugs *** Appearance of `Windowpane` aka `Clearlight` (jelly) underground LSD. *** Founding of Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, a psychedelic archive/research center in San Francisco *** Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis pitches no-hitter in San Diego while under the influence of LSD. *** Bad Acid vibes at Alamont Rock concert.

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