1963 Aldous Huxley visiting Dr. Hofmann in Basel, calles LSD the true moksha-medicine of his new novel `Island`. *** The first journal devoted to psychedelic drugs `Psychedelic Review` is launched in Cambridge, MA. *** The first liquid underground LSD appears in the Cambridge area as impregnated sugar cubes. *** More & more articles about LSD appear in the mainstream media (Life; Look; Saturday Evening Post). *** Fired from Harvard, Professor Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert, immediately launche a LSD research program called I.F.I.F. (International Federation for Internal Freedom) in Newton Center, MA. He trains guides to conduct psychedelic sessions; the group is later forced to leave Mexico and Dominica. ***The first modern psychedelic church `Church of the Awakening` incorporated by the Aikens in New Mexico. *** Spring Grove State Hospital, Maryland, becomes a major research center for testing the potential of LSD in psychotherapy. *** Dr. Eric Kast administers LSD in psychotherapy and to terminally ill patients and successfully reduces their pain and anxiety. *** Six hours before his own death in Los Angeles Aldous Huxley requests and is given 100 mg LSD intramuscularly by his wife Laura Hours after he received the news of John F. Kennedy assassination *** Lysergic acid amides extracted from the Baby Hawaiian Wood rose.

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