1600 While ergotism slowly disappears, the `manic dancing` becomes a subject of medical research. `St. Vitus dance` is stripped of its unhallowed character as a work of demons by Dr. Paracelsus. *** Ergotism returns in the french district Sologne (1630, 1676, 1709, 1747, 1770, 1777) as well as in Germany, Russia and Scandinavia. *** The Frenchman Tuillier feeds chickens with ergot-infected grain, to detect the reason for the spreading of the so called `Antonius fire`, also named `holy Sanctus` (1630) *** The effects of ergotism leads to a witch hunt hysteria in Salem, Massachusetts (1692), described in detail in Arthur Miller’s `The Crucible` (1953).*** Angelus Silesius experiences singularity using the `philosophers Stone.

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