2008 Because of the positive resonance on the LSD-Symposium (2006), Dieter A. Hagenbach & Lucius Werthmüller launche the “World Psychedelic Forum” in Basel, Switzerland.*** Honouring the 102 year old inventor of LSD, Claude Steiner initiates a group exhibition called ‘Psychonauts’ within the galery of the H.R.Giger museum*** the website Mutterkorn.net gives an insight into the history (or better her-story) of the usage of LSD, linking the religious currents of prehistoric Middle East & Europe with the electronic revolution of todays global village. ***  ‘Horizons – contemporary perspectives on psychedelics’ conference in NYC. *** Around the globe thousands of people express their sympathy and their condolences to the death of Dr. Albert Hofmann at his house in Leinetal, swisse on 29th of april *** DOPEC releases the thesis ’The Fruit from the Tree of Life – the sacred technology in the course of time’ which represents LSD as the sacred drug of the great ancient mystery cults, therapeutic medicine & philosophical tool.

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