2013 The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim has released a study suggesting that psychedelic drugs could have no widespread long term psychological effects. The team analysed the drug use habits and mental health history of thousands of American users in the study, and found that there was little evidence of long-term chronic mental health problems. *** ‚Owsley and Me: My LSD Family‘ by Rhoney Gissen Stanley with Tom Davis is published by Rhinebeck, NY Monkfish. *** Ergot-plague along the beaches of the Northern Sea. More and more of the weeds imported to Germany, the Netherlands and England are getting infected. The ergot-alkaloids within the mother-corn are far more poisonous than those on rye and ingesting a few corn-grains can kill children, sheep and dogs. *** After the Sanchez family’s terrier Lucy dies due to a stress-induced heart-attack, after his autopsy high amounts of LSD are found in ‚Platinum Pedigree K-9‘ dog-food cans in supermarket-shells and the brand is pulled from the US-market.

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