2009 Albert Hofmanns (2007) letter to Apple founder Steve Jobs is spreading via internet, asking Jobs to support the therapeutic research on LSD. Taking the drug was „one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life,“ Jobs said and „if Bill Gates dropped acid Microsoft would have been a better company.“

Dear Steve LETTER black

*** When two spanish truck-drivers started tripping after they secretly ate some of the bulk of 5000 chocolate bars one of the most hunted european drug-dealers got busted. The chocolate was tainted with LSD and the police found kilograms of methamphetamin and 10.000 ecstasy tablets in his Ibiza beach-house. *** Within the scientific community of evolutionary biologists the so called “beer instead of bread” hypothesis establishes. With his book “Why humans settled” the german Prof. Josef Reichholf offers a provocative answer to the question of the evolutionary drive from the nomadic hunter- and collector culture towards communal living in mega cities as Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. The drive of collective drinking and getting drugged layed the foundation for agriculture *** Ernst Jüngers drug-related writings are performed by Martin Wuttke and his Berlin theatre ensemble. In an  interview the actor describes the term “Väters Freundenfeste/fathers joy-celebrations” in Goethes Faust as drug-symposiums. In a drugged trance-like state of mind the self or I or ego was not the main focus anymore and collective visions were experienced, in which the mushroom, the Mutterkorn (mothercorn) and the earth itself was talking through us … which then became the foundation for archaic societies.

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