In his last Interview with a german news magazine

Convinced by the importance to consider the spiritual knowledge of the natives, the father of LSD-25 regarded it as a crime to give LSD to unknowing `victims` (regardless if psychiatric patience, civilians, military service staff or prisoners). Albert Hofmann was devoted to the scientific examination of hallucinogenic agents and their healing powers in various cultures, mainly the ritualistic use of alkaloid containing elixirs in the great greek mysteries of Eleusis. Through numerous lectures he shared his philosophical insights on the search for happiness and freedom to a worldwide audience.

In his last Interview with a german news magazine he talked about dying and said: `I don`t believe that I will need LSD to die, I can look forward to death with joy (…) I am happy to see my relatives and friends again`. `I think, I am the re-incarnation of an ancient greek`, he said in a german newspaper-interview that he gave one week before his death. Death for him would not mean the end: `We wont go into nothingness, wont be lost. There is only a transformation.` And proud of his discovery he said: `In the meantime LSD is not a problem-child anymore. I am proud of the wonder-drug LSD as it brought happyness to so many people.` Still LSD would not be the worlds best drug – to him Dr. Hofmann said: `The beauty of creation is the best drug there is.`

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