Hofmann is one of the few truely gifted scientists

Hofmann is one of the few truely gifted scientists humble enough to recognize the true role of science in nature. He explained his LSD experience and the different reality`s he had experienced through the metaphor of television. `To created a picture, we first need a transmitter, we also need a receiver and an antenna. Now, in the creation of what we call reality, the material external world acts as a sender and the antennas as our sense organs. The screen is the consciousness where the incoming impulses from the external world create a living picture of the external world inside of us. So externally, objectively only matter & energy exist- everything else experienced in this so called reality is subjective and happens within the individuals themselfs. Only I can see, hear and feel, this is very decisive because it implies: The world is created inside of each and every human being, each one inhereting cosmological abilities.`

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