Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary ordered

Harvard Professor Dr. Timothy Leary ordered and obtained 100 Grams (40.000.000 LSD trips) from the Sandoz AG, realizing instinctively, that a clinical surrounding was not ideal for the development of the LSD. To Leary it was of value to appreciate this sacred healing plant as a sacrament of a `new indigenous Religion`. Kesey`s group `Merry Pranksters` toured the states in a rainbow coloured school bus, celebrating `be-ins`, spreading out LSD and with it the spirit of a `new age`. On the day of John F. Kennedy`s assassination, 11th 22nd 1963, the mescaline initiated english author Aldous Huxley was already on deaths bed. Two hits of each 100 mg of LSD injected intramuscular by his wife Laura helped him pass over gracefully. Among other ways he describes his mystical experiences through his books `Heaven & Hell`, `Island` and `Doors of Perception. He visited Hofmann in Switzerland in 1961, hailing him the inventor of the true `moksha` medicine.

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