Shortly after the war, the US-secret service

Shortly after the war, the US-secret service simultaneously financed a lions share of the consciousness research towards German and American universities and research centers. The CIA`s interest was to use LSD as an agent of control. LSD was considered by the US-Secret Service for purposes of spying (defense), secret operations and researching projects of consciousness control – such as truth- & brainwashing methods practiced in `Operation Artichoke & MK-Ultra`. LSD was tested as an agent of chemical warfare and was applied to US-soldiers, returning from imprisonment in Korea. According to an article in the Lysergic World 1993 Sandoz supplied the CIA the unimaginable quantity of 10 kg of LSD. In following years the warlords of the CIA gave LSD to unknown amounts of people, many who had been completely unaware that they had been given LSD. Many universities financed by the CIA conducted experimental LSD tests on students, such as Ken Kesey (`One flew above the cuckoo`s nest). Viewed without success the experiments were stopped. The remaining LSD leaked out of the laboratories onto the streets, making the CIA responsible for a new youth and culture revolution.

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