Ps: We do not want to promote the consume

Ps: We do not want to promote the consume of psychedelics as party drug (as in the 1960’s and 70’s). For good reasons the usage of psychoactive substances in `primitive` cultures took place within a ritual context. While the use of psychedelics need intensive preparation an a experienced guidance, the repressive drug policy has prevented to develope a respectfull handling of the psychedelics until now.

The Global Community can and will not the old paradigm of what`s right and what`s wrong. It is on us to find answers to the question what we – as global citizens – will allow ourselfes to experience in future. In theis process of awakening awareness the wonder child LSD-25 (and it`s plant cousins) once went onto the long pathway to be recognized and even legalized for therapeutical treatment of addiction and as a philosophical tool. This first edition of the 2DVD-Set `The Philosophers Stone` is a contribution towards this goal.

In the name of all individuals, groups and tribes turned towards creation worlwide, we give thanks to the pioneer of conciousness research Dr. Albert Hofmann for his 102’nd birthday.
Your`s Boris Nikolaus Hiesserer, in the name of the D.O.P.E.Committee, spring equinox 2008

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