If anything is destinated to carry itself

`If anything is destinated to carry itself through time into eternity, it is probably an eternity revealing chemical formula, a substance, a molecule.`
b.-Eden 123, DOPEC (2008)

Up until the sixties neither the spiritual nor the psychedelic experience could be linked with the shamanism, untill the english bankman Gordon Wasson discovered the `holy mushrooms` of the mazatec shaman woman `Maria Sabina` and Dr. Hofmann synthesized the psychoactive compound `Psylicibin` (1957) from them. As the worlds famoust chemist continued to dind out that Lysergic Acids exists in higher plants as the `Ololiqui` (1959) and hawaiian `Baby Wood rode` (1963) and that the `Kykeon` drink at the center of the `great Mysteries` of Eleusis contained alkaloids familiar to LSD, his discoveries pushed the doors to shamanism and the religious roots of mankind wide open.

But just as Albert Hofmann would have rejected any order to invent such a psychoactive potent chemical agent, the concious research movement does not view it as it`s job, to bow further than the collected facts, represented in this DVD Set. It is the job of advanced scientists to uncover the story around the `mothercorn- and cornmother-cult` at the foundations of our own culture.

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